About Sandye Brown

My Mission is to serve
the evolution of humanity,
by empowering leaders
to become more mindfully
engaged as a powerful force
in their personal world –
and in the world at large.

About Sandye Brown, Master Personal and Leadership Transformation Coach

I am passionate about personal, transformational, and spiritual development – my own – and that of others.

I tend to see life from a more abstract and reflective perspective, though with practical applications for real-world life engagement. I am guided by a philosophy that focuses on “what’s possible” versus “what’s wrong”, and believe that we can achieve much more traction by creating a new future rather than attempting to build upon a bankrupt past.

Through a lifelong journey of recovery, personal transformation, and leadership, combined with my work with hundreds of people over the last three decades, I have developed an integrated set of wisdom principles and a range of competencies that equip me to be of service to others in their personal quests to live into, and reach for, their full potential.

My Vision is that you become empowered to live a more vibrant, purposeful, and fulfilling life that also contributes to a world of peace, harmony, and equity.

A Mindfully Engaged Life Becomes a Positive Force for Light in the World and Experiences Fulfillment Beyond Success

I consider myself to be a Wounded Healer. Having traversed a long, often difficult and precarious life journey, I have found my way from pain to power to purpose. The fire of adversity forced me to find the Light in the circumstances of my life and led me into my own lifelong journey to healing and wholeness.

For over 40 years, I have done – and continue to do – the work of becoming my best possible self through countless hours of self development work, twelve step programs, counseling, treatment programs, coaching, and personal study.

Having been delivered from the darkness in my life, I feel especially equipped to support others to pierce through the blind spots that keep them from seeing the Light of their purpose and moving themselves to a more mindful and fulfilling engagement with their lives.

In this sense, I also consider myself to be a Light Worker, one who serves those who serve others – those who, consciously or unconsciously, desire to bring more Light into this world – by providing services that contribute to more love, genuine empathy, compassionate leadership, equity, and planetary responsibility.

My greatest desire is that, as a result of our transformational work together, the leaders and future leaders with whom I work emerge as more powerful contributors to the healing of our planet. I have a clear intention and a spiritual calling to assist in the evolution of humanity, from the humblest to the grandest of personalities.

In working with me, you will find an insightful, empathetic, intuitive, and bold thought partner, a coach whose primary commitment is supporting you to be fully engaged in life and leadership, as a path toward discovering and achieving your deepest calling, by helping you on your journey of becoming who you are meant to be.

I believe that if you feel a deep sense of personal responsibility for transforming the organizations, systems, and communities in which you live and work, we might be a good match.

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