Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

The greatest lie in your journey to success is that you are not enough. Not good enough, not capable enough, not smart enough. You don’t know enough, you don’t do enough, you’re not ready or you’re not worthy. Believing this great lie makes you small and fearful. But I gotta tell you unless there’s a bear chasing you and your life’s at stake… Fear Is Not Your Friend… Fear lies! Fear tells you to stay safely tucked under the covers of your comfort zone. Fear tells you that you can’t cope with the challenges that come from being who you…

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Become The Person You Want To Be Through Self Introspection

How you approach success matters. You can approach it from the ‘Outside In’ or the ‘Inside Out.’ Neither is better but one may yield you a more satisfying experience in the long run. The ‘Outside In’ approach focuses on the rush to get somewhere. It’s all about the plans, the goals and the to-do lists of your life without much thought given to how you’re being impacted by the way you’re living. The unarticulated and sometimes unknown question at the centre of the ‘Outside In’ approach is, ‘How fast can I get what I want?’ The ‘Inside Out’ approach is…

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Stay Strong and Believe In Yourself To Triumph Over Adversity!

How you relate to adversity can completely change your circumstances and give you the renewed power you need to create the personal and professional life you want. Who Are You When Times Get Rough? A carrot, an egg or a coffee bean? The Carrot I want you to think of adversity as a pot of boiling water. In boiling water, the carrot starts out strong and hard but turns soft and weak. The Egg The egg protected by a thin outer shell becomes hard on the inside. The Coffee Bean But brown coffee beans? Brown coffee beans are unique because…

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Lack of Clarity? This Is How To Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love!

Fuzziness, confusion and lack of clarity will lead you nowhere! One of the most important components of success is Clarity of Purpose. Clarity opens the door for opportunities, people, and resources to seemingly appear out of nowhere. But discovering your purpose can feel like an elusive endeavor. As human beings, we are our greatest mystery. The good news is that there are clues all around us that we can get better at deciphering. Here are three essentials necessary for discovering your purpose. Being present with yourself. This starts with paying attention to YOU…paying attention to what stirs you, to what…

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sandye brown thumbnail cant outsell Your Level of Thinking

You Can’t Outsell the Level of Your Thinking

Here’s what I know...People want to sell more of their services – but there’s one BIG problem that stands in their way. Their thinking! It is IMPOSSIBLE to out sell the level of your thinking. What does that mean? It means that there’s a direct connection between your mindset and your sales results. When your mindset is limited – you telegraph that, your customer senses that and your sales reflect that. I’ll give you three tips to help you align your thinking and your sales goals. Tip #1: What You Believe You Make Real Your beliefs determine your sales success…
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sandye brown thumbnail bust old sales paradigm

Bust Your Old Sales Paradigm

If you’re being challenged with sales, it’s because you’ve been looking at the process of selling backwards. It’s no wonder so many of us struggle with selling our services - especially if you are a heart-centered entrepreneur. I have five tips that can dramatically change your sales paradigm and help you successfully sell your services. Here we go... Let’s start by taking a look at what selling ISN’T Selling isn't about getting something from people Selling isn't about convincing them to do something they don’t want to do Selling isn't about you So if Selling isn’t about convincing or manipulating…
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