Lack of Clarity? This Is How To Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love!

Fuzziness, confusion and lack of clarity will lead you nowhere! One of the most important components of success is Clarity of Purpose. Clarity opens the door for opportunities, people, and resources to seemingly appear out of nowhere. But discovering your purpose can feel like an elusive endeavor. As human beings, we are our greatest mystery. The good news is that there are clues all around us that we can get better at deciphering.

Here are three essentials necessary for discovering your purpose.

  1. Being present with yourself.

This starts with paying attention to YOU…paying attention to what stirs you, to what gives you life – and acknowledging what you are naturally gifted at. Your purpose will also revolve around what you need to learn in your own life.

  • What you have to contribute very often springs from how you integrate and package what you’ve learned.

2. Avoiding the urge to get caught up in the “how”.

Focusing on the “how” before you uncover the “what”, will drive you straight into your brain and block your ability to feel the stirring in your heart.

3. Uncovering your compelling “why”.

The need you see in the world that calls for your unique engagement also calls for you to develop a clear and intentional connection to your deepest passion and talents.  What is the need you see?

  • Overcome the urge to have all the answers right now to how you’re going to accomplish your purpose and wrap your “why” around a need you see.
  • Your clear purpose will give you a great starting point for mapping out your success journey.


Clarity of purpose is the most important ingredient in your journey to success. Discovering your purpose requires that you master three essential disciplines.

  1. Being present with yourself
  2. Resisting the urge to figure out the “how” before you identify the “what”
  3. Uncovering a compelling “why” that also meets the world’s deep need

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