Transformational Coaching

My Mission is to serve the evolution of humanity, by empowering leaders to become more mindfully engaged as a powerful force in their personal world – and in the world at large.

Transformational Leadership Coaching Services

I work with successful leaders who – underneath their mask of success – feel they are not good enough, cannot truly make the impact they desire, and/or lack the confidence or clarity to pursue their boldest life and leadership callings.

The transformational journey always starts, consciously or unconsciously, with the question “Who am I?” You can arrive at this question in many ways, such as:

  • A sudden turn in your circumstances: the loss of a job, a career change, divorce/marriage, the death of a loved one, health crises.
  • Or, perhaps, you are in the midst of a “normal” life transition such as, the career woman newly experiencing motherhood for the first time, retirement, adult children returning to the fold for a time.
  • Quite often, if you are aware enough, you can identify “patterns of unworkable choices” that keep you stuck on a merry-go-round of frustration and resignation. These can result in failed relationships, serial job-changes in the hunt for more fulfilling work, self sabotage, etc.
  • Finally, for some, there are those times where you have the experience that, while things are going well in your life on the surface, something is missing.

Find – and Free – Your Essential Self!

Many human events can shake the foundation of who you know yourself to be and cause you to turn inward to examine yourself more deeply. This “shake up” can be very distressing and disorienting. In the process of finding your way through to the other end, you can lose yourself in an array of self-limiting “stories” about your capabilities and your sense of hope for the future. Or you may “armor up” in order to “tough it out”, only to realize that in doing so, you don’t find the relief you are looking for.

My Vision is that you become empowered to live a more vibrant, purposeful, and fulfilling life that also contributes to a world of peace, harmony, and equity.

As a transformational coach, I invite, challenge, and support people to find “possibility”, purpose, and personal power. In so doing, my clients discover the fortitude, resilience, and boldness to transform their circumstances and realize the personal and professional possibilities they most want for themselves.

I recognize that this type of inner work is not for everyone. The effort to redesign who you are requires sustained willingness, and the readiness for a depth of self-examination and mental discipline that may be unfamiliar to those looking for surface solutions.

However, the outcomes of…

  • Shattering your inner glass ceilings
  • Finding clarity of purpose
  • Discovering increased power and resilience

…are worth this kind of deep engagement and self-examination. You are worth it!

The Future You Are Waiting for Is Waiting for You

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