Successful Work Life Integration: Spend Your Time On The Important Aspects Of Life

People, people, people forget about balance. Stop speaking it.  Stop searching for it. Let it go.

Underneath the search for balance, I believe that what you really want is for your work and your life to somehow cooperate together so you feel more fulfilled with your most precious resource of all…time. And that’s about harmony.

  1. Seeking balance in your life is a trap that sets you up to chase a condition that is not achievable.

You may feel that your work and your personal life are separate universes. “Balance” implies that these two universes have equal weight. Rather than struggling to equalize the weight of these two universes, you have to completely get rid of the idea of separateness. The truth is that there’s only one universe and that one universe is called your Life.

  • Rather than seeking balance, you’ve got to start thinking about how to get better at integration.

Integration is the process of weaving together these seemingly separate universes into a unified tapestry. When you say that you lack balance in your life, what you’re really saying is that something critical is missing for you to feel whole, harmonious and complete.

  • Fulfillment is a function of consistently living your values.

If you’re searching for balance it’s because you haven’t given enough attention to what’s MOST important to you. And this is a very short list of no more than three elements. The shorter your list, the more crystal clear you’ll be about what you need in order to feel fulfilled.

When you organize your life around what’s MOST important to you. You will stop feeling that something is lacking.


  1. Forget about achieving balance in your life and focus instead on creating your life as an experience of wholeness and harmony.
  • Now is the time for you to wake up and stop hoping for the “Magic Balance Fairy” to come along to save you.
  • You will ultimately have to make some conscious and, sometimes, hard choices about how you integrate what is most important in your life.

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