Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

The greatest lie in your journey to success is that you are not enough.

  • Not good enough, not capable enough, not smart enough.
  • You don’t know enough, you don’t do enough, you’re not ready or you’re not worthy.

Believing this great lie makes you small and fearful. But I gotta tell you unless there’s a bear chasing you and your life’s at stake…

Fear Is Not Your Friend…

Fear lies!

  • Fear tells you to stay safely tucked under the covers of your comfort zone.
  • Fear tells you that you can’t cope with the challenges that come from being who you are and from taking bold actions in the world.

Here are three approaches to busting through this lie.

  1. Remove the scales from your eyes that keep you blind to who you are.

Start seeing yourself with more compassion and objectivity. Challenge the way you think about yourself. It’s wrong! You’ve got to challenge your erroneous thinking. You are so much greater than your inner critic will tell you.

2. Empower the reality of those who see you as greater than you see yourself.

You don’t even have to believe what they see. In fact, you may never believe them. But they see you as this inspiring bright light in the world – right now, just as you are.  And you can ride that wave even if you don’t see it. So, step into their reality. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Accept the opportunities that come your way. Trust those who see the greatness of you. With courage, support, and trust, you can face the obstacles that arise.

3. Take the focus off yourself.

Allow yourself to get supercharged by your calling and the people whose lives you are meant to touch and improve. When you start doubting who you are and feeling the hands of fear around your neck, use that as your signal to take the focus off yourself and refocus on the people you want to serve.

As you claim your value, accept the unconditional regard of others, and focus on your calling, you will begin to diminish the lie that you are not enough.


To achieve the success you want, you will have to challenge the fear that tells you that you are not enough. Fear is not your friend!

  • It’s important that you see yourself with objectivity. Learn to examine yourself with a generous heart through the eyes of compassion.
  • You may never fully be able to see your greatness, but your most important supporters, mentors and coaches do. Learn to trust them.
  • Self-doubt and fear indicate that you have been overcome by SELF-consciousness. Learn to take the focus off yourself and shift your attention to the people you are called to serve.

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