You Can’t Outsell the Level of Your Thinking

Here’s what I know...People want to sell more of their services – but there’s one BIG problem that stands in their way. Their thinking!

You Can’t Outsell the Level of Your Thinking

Here’s what I know…People want to sell more of their services – but there’s one BIG problem that stands in their way. Their thinking!

It is IMPOSSIBLE to out sell the level of your thinking.

What does that mean? It means that there’s a direct connection between your mindset and your sales results.

When your mindset is limited – you telegraph that, your customer senses that and your sales reflect that.

I’ll give you three tips to help you align your thinking and your sales goals.

Tip #1: What You Believe You Make Real

Your beliefs determine your sales success

  • If you believe you only sell products and services, that’s what you’ll talk about.
  • If you believe that your services improve lives and circumstances you’ll focus on value
  • If you believe that people won’t buy from you because your prices are too high, that’s what THEY will say
  • If you believe people can’t afford you, either you won’t ask them to buy or you won’t ask for your full fee

Whatever you believe. You will make it real.

You have to believe that the solution you offer creates enough value that people want it and will pay for.

Tip #2: You Can’t Sell What You Haven’t Bought

Imagine putting together a high ticket, high value service that no one buys no matter what you do. How frustrating is THAT. I’ve see this many times…and I’ve been there.

One classic mistake you may be making is that you’re asking your customer to buy at a higher price point than any level you’ve ever spent on yourself.

As a heart-centered entrepreneur who places a high value on authenticity and integrity, this is a problem. There is a disconnect between what you’ve done and what you’re asking your customer to do.

This disconnect makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE for you to sell someone a service at a price level that you yourself have never bought. Something within you just won’t let you do it.

You have to break through your own buying comfort zone before you can be successful in the asking comfort zone.

One of the things you learn when you are a buyer of high-ticket products and services is that you buy because of the value you perceive you’ll get in exchange for the price that you pay.

I learned this lesson personally once I started investing more in myself and my business. It became much easier to sell my high ticket services when I recognized in my buying behavior that I overcome my own price objections when I see the value in something I need.

Your job is to continuously show the value in what you offer and stand behind your price.

As you expand your buying comfort zone it becomes easier to ask others to do the same.

Your “asking” comfort zone is tied to your “buying” comfort zone.

Tip #3: Stop Thinking Like the Seller. Start Thinking Like the Buyer

The market is flooded with people selling what it sounds like you’re selling. So, why would anyone buy from you? What makes your services distinct?

These two questions are the most important questions for you to answer as you analyze what you’re offering. It starts with recognizing that Value is in the Eye of the Beholder.

You have to start looking at what you offer from the customer’s point of view

  • People don’t simply want to “buy your service”.
  • They want to know that they will be uplifted, encouraged, changed, in some way
  • They want their problem to be solved and their headaches to go away
  • And they want to know that what you offer is the answer to their hopes.

80% of selling is creating value. The final 20% involves the sale itself.

  • This means that, 80% of the selling conversation is about listening and exploring both the customer’s frustrations (what keeps them up at night) and aspirations (what future inspires them)
  • While you may you love the service you’re offering. That’s not enough. You need to fall in love with the process of helping people get what they want and need.
  • This is what creating value is all about. It’s not about you or your product. It’s about the value for the customer.
    The remaining 20% of the selling conversation then becomes about co-creating a value-laden solution that speaks directly to what the customer needs.
  • You have to help the customer determine how you are the right opportunity for them and even expand their vision of what’s possible through working with you
  • When you understand the power of aligning your customer value with the right opportunity, you will unleash an avalanche of new sales.

Really connect with the customer
Expand your buying comfort zone
Think like the buyer

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