Committed To Change But Stuck In A Rut? Get Unstuck With THESE Self Reflection Questions

If you feel you’re stuck right now it may be because you are too close to your situation to be able to see clearly. As a coach, I’ve come up with four key coaching questions to help you see your situation from a more objective viewpoint and move you forward.

  1. Coaching Question #1:  What do you really want?

Even though discovering the answer to this question can be challenging. Once you do, it will provide you with a sense of clarity and give you the energy that comes from being clear

2. Coaching Question #2: What’s in the way?

Answering this question requires awareness, sometimes a lot of courage, and a willingness to tell the truth. Quite often, it’s your own habits, sabotage behaviors, and mindsets that are in your way.

3. Coaching Question #3: What do you need?

When you think about addressing this question, there’s a range of elements to consider.

Do you need more motivation? Do you need a new vision? Do you have the competence and skills that you need? Do you need more support?

Sometimes you may even need more system/structures/processes to support what you want to accomplish.

4. Coaching Question #4: What will you do?

This is a question about your level of commitment. The question seems straightforward enough but you may find that you are reluctant to put a stake in the ground. Reluctance sounds like, “Maybe, I should, I want to, I could, I guess, I’ll try!” None of those responses demonstrate commitment.

A strong response to this question will result in clear goal statements and well-grounded action plans.


There will be times in the journey to your desired future that you will feel blocked, slowed down, or frustrated by the progress you’re making. The disciplined use of the four laser coaching questions below can re-energize you and help you get yourself unstuck.

  1. What do you really want?
  2. What’s in the way?
  3. What do you need?
  4. What will you do?

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